Thursday, July 30, 2009

Community Hope

Had a cool opportunity today to be a part of something our church does called Community Hope. It's a ministry we have to help some hurting and struggling families in our community by giving them a $30.00 food voucher to a local store. We also provide a free breakfast and try to be as friendly and loving as we can. Today was really cool because some of our teenagers were helping with this ministry. It was great to see them talking with people and praying with people and just seeing their hearts softened to the needs of others. Chase, Patrick, and Miranda did and AWESOME job!

Something else that was just super cool is that there were many Hispanics there today. I don't know Spanish, but thankful we have a translator there and two of our students are pretty good at Spanish too. Anyway, before a person leaves we ask if we can pray for them in some way. I love hearing the prayers in Spanish. I don't know what's being said, but there's something beautiful about listening to a prayer in a different language. Just helps me see God in a bigger way.

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