Monday, July 20, 2009

Back from Momentum

Well, it feels like it's been FOREVER since I last posted. Been super busy getting ready to take 38 of our kids to the Momentum Conference. Just got back yesterday afternoon. What an amazing week! I feel like this was the best group of kids we've had go in the sense that they were the most spiritually sensitive and really looking for opportunities to serve, grow, and share their faith. No way I could possibly talk about EVERYTHING that happened during the week, but I'll just try to high light a few things:
- The speakers were really good. I was challenged in so many different ways ... lifting up the Word of God and it's importance in my life (Shawn McBride) ... Got a fresh look at who Jesus Christ truly is (Jeff Bogue) ... I'll never look at the Church in the same way (Kondo Simfukwe) ... Blow away the perceptions of Christianity by how you love other people (Gabe Lyons) ... I don't want to see anyone left behind (Jim Brown) ... the NEED is the call (Bill Wilson). I really enjoyed so many of the speakers this year.
- Several of our kids made decisions. All of them were awesome to see. One in particular really meant a lot to me because I was just feeling personally led to spend a lot of time in prayer over this person. Thursday, she got saved! I about jumped out of my seat!
- Our group was by no means the largest group there, but something I try to do each year is break our kids up in to small groups for the week and then allow those small groups to share and debrief each night. From what I heard from our adults, the small group times were amazing! Kids were sharing with each other, praying for each other, encouraging each other ... everything I could hope for.
- Being back in Pittsburgh was like being back home. I grew up just south of Pittsburgh and really enjoy that part of the country. The accents, the hills, the city itself ... just loved it. The Robert Morris campus has to be the most "hilly" place I've ever seen! I'm not talking small hills ... I'm talking long, steep, burning in your calves while walking up them type of hills. But, honestly, I loved every second of walking up them and would go out of my way to do so. No hills in Indiana, so I wanted to soak up as many of them as I could. Plus, it's such good exercise!
- I had a lot of fun hanging with our guys and girls. They are just fun ... PERIOD! There were times I laughed so hard my face hurt!
- Momentum does a fantastic job of combing learning and serving. That's one reason I appreciate the conference so much. We don't just sit and hear. We go out and do! Our kids had several opportunities to go out and be a light to people.
- I'm excited to see what God does through our kids now. I'm holding many of them up to a higher standard now simply because I've seen them in action this past week. I know they have it in them. Can't wait to see what God does!

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