Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thoughts on "Screamo"

I posted earlier in the week about a concert we had this past Friday night. Most of the bands were some hardcore, "screamo" type bands. It was awesome to be able to reach a crowd that we really aren't reaching very well right now and to simply expose them to the church. The idea behind doing the concert was simply to get in to their lives and expose the to the church, so that if a time comes when they begin searching for God or want to grow in their relationship with God, they'll remember Grace Community Church and think to themselves, "That church put on a cool concert. They must be alright."

Anyway, I'm definately not a "screamo" fan, but if it allows us to reach kids, I'm all for it. But, I've been reflecting on the music a bit. To me, music reflects a generation. So, their are always, always going to be different styles out there and we shouldn't be afraid of the styles or intimidated by them because the style is just reflecting where people are. We see it all the time. Every 10 to 15 years, there always seems to be a different style, a different generation of music that comes out and that's because the ones writing that music grew up in a different time than the ones who wrote the music 10 to 20 years earlier. Times change. Things change. Music is going to change.

I know that "screamo" isn't really main stream all that much, but it does reflect the heart of a certain segment of a generation of teenagers. As I listened to the music Friday night, the music just sounded angry to me. When I saw kids "moshing" and throwing their bodies in to one another, everything about it just looked angry. I mean, man, what incredible stress relief ... to just throw your body without abandon in to another person. I almost wanted to get out there and start doing it! But, one of the thoughts I left the concert with was, "What is making these specific kids so angry?" I'm not really sure, but I know I want to be a person and I want our ministry to be the type of ministry that offers hope. I want to be a person and I want our ministry to be the type of minsitry that doesn't give "trite", cliche type answers to really difficult questions. Some of those really difficult questions may be what are making some kids so angry. But, I do want to be able to listen and offer some hope to a generation who has heard that money, sex, stuff, etc will bring a sense of purpose and fullfillment ... and it just doesn't. I'd be angry too if I was told that, tried that, and was left empty.

God help me to be a person of hope always pointing to you.

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