Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Mom

My mom, Ezra, and myself during my cancer treatments

I went to a funeral earlier today for a man who unexpectedly lost his mom last week. She had been sick and was definately ready to go home to heaven, but her death still came a bit unexpectedly. Anyway, at the funeral, so many incredible stories were shared about their mom. It was so fun to hear them all and there was really a celebratory mood at the funeral. They were definately sad and tears were shed, but they were also celebrating that she was in heaven with Jesus.

It all made me think of my mom and how thankful I am for her. One story sums up my mom. In 1997, I was a junior at Penn State University majoring in athletic training. That semester I was working with the men's basketball team as the student athletic trainer. Although Penn State has never been a "power house" in NCAA basketball, ,they are in the Big Ten which meant they often played some pretty good schools ... I.U., Michigan, Michigan State ... and the games would often be televised nationally. One night, Penn State played I.U. and the game was going to be on ESPN 2 which meant I was going to be on TV. So, I called my mom up and told her to turn on ESPN 2 at 7:30pm and look for me on the Penn State side because I would be there with the team doing my athletic training stuff. Anyway, it's 10:30pm. The game is over. Penn State lost. I get a call from my mom. On the phone she says, "I saw you on TV tonight." And, I'm like, "You did?" And she says, "Yeah, you're number 32, right? I didn't realize you were that good at basketball!" And, I'm like, "Mom, I don't PLAY for the team! Do you even have any idea WHAT I do here?" It was so funny! It's funny because I'm 5'8" tall. I have a little bit of a "belly." When I jog, I get passed by women pushing baby strollers. I'm not a great athlete by any means! What's even better is that number 32 was Pete Lisicky ... the all-time leading scorer in Penn State basketball! My mom mistook me for the leading scorer on the team. Only a mom could do that!

I believe that story sums up my mom because she always looks for and believes the best in people. My mom actually believed in me enough to think that I was the star player on a Division 1 basketball team. It's a funny story, and slightly ridiculous ... but I'm so thankful that my mom has always seen the best in me and has always believed in me.

Thanks, mom. I love you.

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