Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Yadnom

- So, in January of this year I had been having some reoccurring cancer symptoms ... reoccurring enough to be concerned and to also concern my oncologist. I had a PET/CT scan done in March and something "showed up" on the scan, but the doctor, quite honestly, wasn't sure if it was a reoccurrence of my cancer or if it was just something else that showed up on the scan (i.e. a virus). So, she suggested that we wait until June and have another PET/CT scan done then. (I just love the waiting game ... especially when it deals with cancer) haha. Anyway, I had the scan done last week and then met with my doctor today to go over the results. I am so happy to report that everything is OK! Woo Hoo! My latest scan had nothing unusual on it and the oncologist felt very confident that my specific type of cancer wouldn't come back. One of the difficulties of being diagnosed with cancer and then seeing the cancer go in to remission is that somewhere in the back of your head is the idea that it can come back. For me, it's not something I really worry about or concern myself with too much ... but it's always there like a nagging ache that you've just learned to live with. It doesn't keep you from functioning, but every once in a while you feel it and remember that it's there. So, when this happened earlier in the year, it was a little scary. The thought of going through treatments again ... uggg! Didn't even want to go there. And, then, after the initial scan in March ... to be told something is "there" but I have to wait another 3 months to find out exactly what it is ... yeah, didn't enjoy that too much. But, I really learned to just find rest in God through that waiting process. Worrying about it, letting it consume my thoughts, well, that really just wasn't going to be productive at all. So, why not let God worry about it instead of me. He's in control anyway and I just needed to trust that He would, and always will do what is best. Anyway, after 6 months of dealing with that, I'm glad it's over and super glad that everything is OK.

- Carol and I were able to make some really good relationships at the cancer center with some of the nurses. They were there through the the birth of Ezra. While I was getting a treatment in the infusion room, Carol was in a chair next to me in labor. About 16 hours later Ezra was born. The nurses and doctors were there for that and have always just shown a genuine interest in us and in Ezra and now in Mercy. It was good to see them today, but I could tell that it had been a difficult week last week. They had lost some patients. Actually, one of the nurses told me that they had lost 2 to 3 patients a day last week. The head of the cancer center said he's been doing this for 20 years and it's the worst week he's ever had! It really takes a special person to work in the oncology department. It's a very difficult field to work in. I'm so thankful for the Goshen Cancer Center and the staff there. If you think of it, say a prayer for them today.

- Had a wonderful Father's Day yesterday. Carol started the day out for me by getting up early and getting me an egg & cheese bagel from Dunkin Donuts and an iced coffee from Starbucks. I'm a big fan of both. So, that was a pleasant surprise. When I came home from church, I found just an absolutely wonderful card that Carol wrote for me and a Starbucks gift card and a "make your own" travel mug that Carol is going to fill with family pictures and the essay she wrote about me for the "He Is" series at Grace. We spent part of the afternoon just talking and then I spent part of the afternoon weeding our garden! Yikes! There were so many weeds. Seriously, it took 2 weeks for our garden to be overcome with weeds. Unreal. So, it felt really good to get it cleaned up a bit. We then went out for Chinese and ice cream. A very, very nice day.

- I loved hearing from the elder team at Grace yesterday. They have so much wisdom and I just loved hearing their thoughts on what it means to be a dad ... to hear about their successes and failures as a dad, and to hear the advice they wanted to give dads today. It was a good day.

- Dad Fest was AWESOME! What a fun day. It's awesome to be able to say that about church.

- Went for a 4 mile run this morning. About 3 1/2 miles in to it my knee started hurting AGAIN! Needless to say, I was a little ticked ... especially since I had been running lately with no pain.

- Carol had been really sick last week. Seriously, the most sick I have ever seen her. We went to the doctor and she was diagnosed with the flu and strep throat and was put on a pretty big dosage of antibiotics. It took a few days, but she is feeling so much better now. I am so thankful for that. I hate seeing my wife sick.


  1. Oh, Rich--I'm so happy for you, and Carol and Ezra and Mercy! God is so good and He's definitely got you covered in the white light of His love and divine protection!!

  2. Rich, SOOOO relieved to hear about the latest PET-scan results!!! I think it was Sandra who mentioned it to me in an email...

    Also glad to hear Carol is feeling much better!!!

    Hope things continue on the upswing for you both, and Ezra and Mercy as well!!!


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