Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Monday

- Whew! It's been quite the weekend. We'll take it in the order of events:

- It started Thursday when Carol picked up our 5 nieces and nephews ages 13 to 4. That meant we had 7 kids in our house! Carol and I have always talked about having a large family, but I think our plans have changed since the weekend. :) It was really good, though, to have them with us for a few days. We went to the park, played laser tag, played some basketball, played some dodgeball, played about a million games of Uno or Skippo, watched some Indiana Jones ... just a good time of connecting with them. They live in Illinois, so we don't get to see them all that often. Gotta be honest, though ... at the end of each day, I was BEAT! And, I wasn't even the one with them the entire day. Hopefully, it was a nice break for Carol's sister and husband as well. The cool story behind the 5 kids is that 2 of them are adopted from Romania. While they were going through the adoption process and were nearly ready to sign the final papers, they got pregnant. So, in just a matter of weeks, they went from having no kids to having 3 kids. Surprise!!

- Friday night we had our 4 Bands for 4 Bucks concert. I used my phone to take a couple of pics from the night.

- I walked away from the night with, what I believe to be 80% hearing loss! I know I'm officially going to sound old when I say it but IT WAS SO LOUD! It was really cool, though. We had over 200 kids there and probably only 20 of them were axis kids. This was an event we put on to try to expose the church to a group of kids that we just aren't reaching right now. 3 of the 4 bands were "screamo" type bands. If you're not sure what "screamo" music is, take a second and literally scream as loud as you can. That's screamo. As far as screamo goes, the bands were great. It's not really my style by any means, but, again, it was cool to reach a "crowd" of kids that we typically aren't reaching. The reason we did this event was to simply expose kids to the church. If there is a time when they begin to search for God or need some help, we want them to remember Grace Community Church. It was also a cool opportunity to pray over all of the kids that were in the Link.

- Also, Friday night my Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup championship over the Detroit Redwings. Hockey is by far my favorite sport to watch live, but I haven't been able to watch the Pens much since moving to Indiana. So, it's been nice to have them in the playoffs the past couple of years to be able to catch some of the games. I thought this series was one of the best series I've ever seen and really had a good feeling that the Pens could pull it off Friday night. I came across a cool story about Mario Lemieux ... Penguins legend, one of the best players EVER in the NHL, and now, the current Penguins owner. This text was sent from Lemieux to the Penguins head coach after a 5 - 0 loss in game 5: "We are a family and in this together. We don't need anyone that is only with us WIN or TIE. I really think this is our year. Let's forget about tonight ... It happens. We will win Tuesday and win the Cup Friday." Then this text was sent to all of the Penguins players before Game 7 on Friday: "This is a chance of a lifetime to realize your childhood dream to win a Stanley Cup. Play without fear and you will be successful! See you at center ice." Here you can read the full ARTICLE. I just really thought it was an example of good leadership and I hope I can inspire people in that same way.
- It's a good time to be a Pittsburgh sports fan. My Steelers won the Super Bowl. My Penguins won the Stanley Cup. Now if the Pirates can pull out of next to last place, we'll pull off the trifecta! :)
- Saturday was our AmazinGrace. I wasn't able to run because my knee is still bothering me, but Carol ran and so did our nephews. I was so proud of Carol for running the race! When I did my half marathon earlier this year, she was always the first one to say "good job" while I was training, and was just such an encouragement to me through it all. I tried to do the same for her when she ran this race. It was her first "official" 5K. I wasn't able to be at the race because I had to stay home with the kids while Carol ran, but heard that everything was great! Many of our axis kids ran and one of them won her age bracket. What's really cool about the race is that all the proceeds went to help our orhpans at Asia's Hope and it's also just a really cool way to be a positive presence in our community.
- Taught 56th Street in church over the weekend. I really enjoyed it. 56th Street is our 5th & 6th grade ministry. We talked about choices and I just really felt led to give kids an opportunity to respond to the Gospel. We saw 3 kids make decisions for Jesus that morning! Woo Hoo!

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