Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday Monday

- Had a funeral to do on Saturday for a man who committed suicide. It was a very difficult funeral. There's a verse in Ecclesiastes 7:2 that says, "It is better to go to a house or mourning than to a house of feasting, for death is the destiny of every man; the living should take this to heart." To be honest, I never really understood this verse (probably because I love "feasting") ... until I started doing funerals. Nothing can shift your focus & attention to eternity more than losing someone you love. You come face to face with mortality and many of us need that. I took the opportunity at the funeral to speak briefly on the importance of people in our lives, the reality of God being the ultimate source of fulfillment in our lives, and finally to live our lives for eternity and not for the here and now. I shared the Gospel and gave people an opportunity to respond. In such a horrible situation, it would be just like God to turn it around and bring people to Him through it.

- Some "get your attitude right" thoughts that were going through my mind when this funeral came up: First, I didn't even know the person. To do the funeral it meant I had to cancel something that was already on my calendar. It pretty much threw off my weekend and I was a little upset about that ... until the Holy Spirit kicked my butt and said stop being so selfish! A family just lost a dad. A mom just lost a son. A sister just lost a brother ... and I'm worried about a change in my calendar. Besides, what an opportunity to share the Gospel. Ugg ... I HATE my selfish side and battle it every single day!

- Had a great time last night hanging out with pastors and elders from Grace. We cooked out, played corn hole, tossed around the football, played some kickball ... and really just enjoyed being together. Being with everyone last night was another reminder of how thankful I am to be at Grace! I had a blast.

- My office is an absolute wreck at the moment. Last week was a pretty busy week and my office hasn't quite recovered from it. Planning to take a bit of time today to straighten things up a bit and dispell the image of the "typical" youth pastor. :)

- I'm excited about the new pair of running shoes I bought last week. I was planning to test them out ... and my knee ... this afternoon, but was invited to lunch. So, in an effort to be "relational" I blew off my run. Hopefully I'll get to test 'em out soon ... but not until the Chinese food in my system digests.

- I was once again reminded this weekend of how incredible my family is! I love my wife and kids. Carol is just amazing. With different unexpected things thrown in to our weekend, she just goes with it and doesn't complain and just does an amazing job. Ezra and Mercy are just an absolute blast too. I laughed at them so much this weekend. It's great being a husband and a dad.

- I'll be meeting my teen small group at Starbucks soon. I guess I'll have to sacrifice drinking a mocha. :)

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