Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday Monday

- Had a really nice weekend. I was able to take a couple of vacation days which meant I had Thursday, Friday, and Saturday away from the office. That was really nice. It was a great combination of family time, productive time, and relaxation time. I think I want to try that more often throughout the year. Instead of taking an entire week off for vacation, try to take 2 days here, 3 days there just to try to give me more time away more regularly. The pictures above are from one of our trips over vacation. We went to the zoo. It was very fun and I just loved seeing Ezra enjoy looking at all the animals.
- Got to see 50 baptisms at church yesterday! Man, that was exciting. What was really cool is having the opportunity to connect with many of the people who were getting baptized and hearing their "story" and how they came to know Jesus. And, then hearing why they wanted to get baptized ... that was really cool for me. One of the most fun moments was when a set of triplets got baptized, but we only had Pastor Jim & Pastor Jon in the "tank." So, Jim asked Craig to jump in ... and he did ... in his Sunday "best." It was great! The triplets were baptized together and that was so much fun to watch.
- Started our new series "No Perfect People Allowed." We'll be doing this series for 3 weeks. It was neat to see the "Cardboard Testimonies" from people before the sermon. I just love the fact that God uses us inspite of all of our imperfections! I don't know where we ever got the idea that we have to be "good enough" for God. Serving God through our weaknesses and our imperfections is, I believe, one of the things that brings Him the most glory!
- Still haven't been able to run because of right knee pain. I've gone to my family doctor twice and was finally referred to an orthopedist. I go there on Tuesday. I'm getting a bit frustrated because I really want to run, but after a mile my knee just goes crazy with pain. I thought exercise was supposed to "help" your body! :)
- I'm getting geared up for a busy week. Have a student leadership meeting tonight. Our axis Out of School Celebration on Wednesday. A car wash fundraiser on Saturday. More graduation parties over the weekend. My teen small group on Sunday. It's definately going to be busy. I'm praying God keeps me fresh and helps me be creative in the midst of the busyness this week.

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