Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Goal Review

Well, we are 6 months in to the year and it's time for the semi-annual axis goal review. I posted our goals in February. Here is where I think we've done well:

- Small groups. Got them up and going and it seems as if our kids and adults are really enjoying being a part of them.

- Getting our kids involved in "Big Church." I feel like we do a pretty good job of this. Part of my philosophy, I guess you could say, is to see kids serving regularly, side by side with adults. We have many of our kids serving regularly every Sunday morning and also in the various community outreaches we do.

- We're doing a pretty good job at holding events for middle and high school. It's not easy to juggle both ministries at the same time, but I'm trying. We're not doing real big things, but trying to do little, very inexpensive things together. This summer, we are really trying to do that often.

- Online stuff. I'm trying to use Facebook a ton and also keeping the website current and hopefully interactive. Kids will receive at least one text from me a week also.

- Worship. Our music is the BEST that's it's ever been. Jeremy does an abosolutely amazing job at investing in the kids in the band and leading us before God.

FAB 4. I think we're doing a good job of focusing on this and trying to make everything we do fit within this concept.

What We Haven't Done Well

- Grade specific events. Hasn't happened.

- More adults. The adults we have are GREAT! We just need more of them. We are very low on adult volunteers at this moment.

- "Just Do Something." Never really seemed to catch on. Not sure why, but I never really got the feeling that there was a "buzz" about this at schools.

- Lessons. I don't want to say that our teaching times haven't been good, because many of them have been. But, I really feel like I can do a better job at making them even more interactive.

- Attendance. We've been consistent. We've grown. But, not as much as I was hoping we would.

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