Friday, May 22, 2009

Wednesday Wrap Up

Topic: Refuel
The "Big" Idea: There's not one right way to spend time with God.
Student Involvement: Our kids greeted, passed out journals, played on the worship team, worked in the "tech" room, worked in the cafe, and took pictures.
Attendance: 190 with 4 first time visitors
Fun Stuff: During our senior high time, we honored all of our graduating seniors. We tried to do our best to help them feel special. Jeremy talked about our college ministry (The Pursuit). We had a girl who graduated from axis 2 years ago and who has really been doing a TON to serve and be involved in people's lives talk about mistakes she's made since graduating and things she would suggest for the seniors to do. We gave all of the seniors a DQ gift card and all the guys got a grilled steak dinner and dessert while the girls got a manicure and a dessert.
We started out our night with the Numa Numa video just for something fun.
Lesson Review: We've spent the last two weeks talking about the importance of refueling and connecting with God. This week, instead of talking about it, I wanted to give our kids the opportunity to do it. So, I created a journal with 8 different ways to spend time with God. I then walked our kids through each step and gave them the opportunity to "connect" with God during the night. In the journal were opportunities for kids to reflect on some of the attributes of God, read through varies Bible passages and journal or draw pictures about them, we showed pictures of babies with verses about being children of God, watched a music video, wrote a brief "letter" to God, and then closed with a very funny Brian Regan video and had kids journal on things that make them happy. There were a handful of kids that didn't really get in to it, but a majority of our students seemed to take it seriously or at least participate.
It was something very different, but very experiential for our kids. I think it's something we need to do again.

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