Monday, May 4, 2009

Wednesday Wrap Up

Topic: Labels
The "Big" Idea: Be more concerned with how God sees you than how anyone else sees you.
Student Involvement: We had kids leading small groups, working the cafe, a completely student led worship team, working in the sound room, greeting, and taking pictures.
Fun Stuff: We played a power point game called "Mangled Maxims" in which you had to decipher common phrases that were worded in a complicated way ... sorta like this sentence. :)
Bible Verses: 1 Samuel 16:4 - 7
Lesson Review: This was a small group Wednesday for us, so I needed a "One Hit Wonder" for the kids that are not in small groups. I got the "Labels" idea from More Than Dodgeball and really liked the concept. So, I tried to add my own flavor to it, but also use some of the thoughts I came across from J.G. We started things out with an intro of me talking about how different labels on clothes often cause us to think different things about the clothes or the people wearing them. Kids didn't seem to connect really well with that intro, but once we watched the Susan Boyle video of her singing on Britain's Got Talent, everyone got really quiet and really into the video. After the video, kids actually applauded! Even though this video has been out there a few weeks, it's still really powerful and pulled our kids in right away. We then talked about how at first she was labeled because of how she looked. Now she's really popular, but she's labeled for her amazing voice. Either way, she's been labeled ... not for who she is, but now for what she can do. I talked about how tired I am of that and that it's exhausting to feel like you may have to be "something different" for the different people in our lives. God doesn't look at us in that way. He accepts us for who we are, not for what we can do. It's important to care more about how God sees us than how anyone else sees us. Hopefully it was a good thought that stuck with our kids throughout the week.
Personal Thoughts: I loved seeing our kids go in to small groups. Seems like the groups went really well and I love the picture above of a teenager holding their Bible while working through the Bible study. I think that's just awesome! It's also cool to be able to have a smaller group to talk to once those in small groups leave the Link. It's a totally different atmosphere and there is cool interaction with the kids.

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