Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wednesday Night Wrap Up

Topic: Refuel
The "Big" Idea: Take time to stop and be quiet.
Student Involvement: Kids from axis were involved in the worship team, the tech team, our cafe team, passing out Bibles, doing announcements, greeting, and taking pictures.
Attendance: 177
Fun Stuff: The Impossible Shot in the gym, a funny music video from the Simply Youth Ministry Conference, and a fun video of a "typical" morning for me that we showed to open up the teaching time.
Bible Verses: Ephesians 3:14 - 19, 1 Kings 19:11 - 12
Lesson Review: We opened the lesson with a video of my morning. We tried to show what an "ideal" morning would look like ... me waking up with a smile, praying, and reading my Bible. But, that never seems to happen. So, we showed what really happens and how hectic a morning for all of us can be. Hopefully I'll be able to post the video soon. We then talked about how busy our schedules are ... even in middle and high school ... from practices, to school, to homework, to work, to games, to church, to friends ... it all makes for a crazy schedule. We can't be surprised that if we don't make time for God, our lives may start to feel empty and dry. So, I challenged our kids to do 2 things: First, to STOP in the day. I didn't ask them to stop for long periods of time, but to carve our a minute here, a minute there to simply stop and try to connect with God. Secondly I challenged them to START being quiet. We are surrounded by so much noise from the moment we get up to the moment we go to sleep. We used the 1 Kings 19 passage of God being in the "still, small voice." God's not going to compete with our noise. He's not going to make us turn things off. But, to hear Him, we'll have to do that. So, I asked our kids to stop and be quiet throughout their day for the next 7 days. We used the Poll Everywhere to see how kids would do that. There were cool responses like: "I'll turn my radio off in the car." "I won't run with my ipod." "I'll turn my cell phone off for a few minutes each day." It was neat to see how kids wanted to apply this.
We ended with this video:

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