Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, Ezra!

Ezra turned 2 years old yesterday. Wow! I've heard it said to me over and over: "It will go by fast." Well, that has certainly proved true. It's hard to believe that it's been 2 years since he's entered our lives AND after only two years, I simply can't imagine life without him. I love that kid!
We had so much fun celebrating his birtday yesterday and really want to try to make a big deal out of birtdays. We feel so blessed to have our kids ... so fortunate ... and we really want to celebrate that. We don't want to forget what a priviledge it is to have them in our lives and definately feel honored that God believes in Carol and I enough to give us the responsibility of raising them. He definately sees something in us that we often do not see in ourselves. It's nice to know that God believes in us.
To celebrate Ezra's day, we tried to do the things that he just really enjoys. They may seem "silly," but these are some of his favorite things.
- At church, instead of taking him directly to his class, we took him in to The Link with us so he could listen to the worship music. He LOVES to listen to the band and just clapped the entire time! It was so cute.
- We read lots of books!
- After his nap, I let him ride on the tractor with me while I cut the grass. He loves riding on the John Deere! He's definately my kid!

- Then we opened presents: Some clothes from his cousins, a "musical clock" from some close friends, squirt guns from some close friends ... which he was shooting me with already this morning! :) Seriously, the kid has never held a gun before, but he knew EXACTLY what to do with it! He's a boy!

- We then let him tear in to some chocolate cake.
- We let him see open our present to him, which was a drum set. He just loves music and absolutely loved playing with his new drums!

- Finally, he wanted to watch football. The drumset was set up in our basement where the TV is and after about 40 minutes of banging on the drums, he turned to the TV and said "futbal." So, I put in a Steelers dvd (of course) and we watched some football.

- Then it was off to bed with a few more books.


  1. You sure you thought out all of the implications of getting him a drum set? [Did it come complete with parental earplugs? :-)]

    Happy Birthday Ezra!!!

  2. You are truly raising the boy up in the ways of the Lord! I'm convinced that drums are God's favorite instrument.

    Now, if you could just keep him away from the Steelers...


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