Tuesday, May 5, 2009

axis the past month

Here is a copy of an email I sent out to our church updating them on our youth ministry. It's a picture of what has been happening in axis the past month:

Dear Church,

I wanted to keep you updated on how things are going in axis. I’m so excited to serve here and so excited to be the pastor of your teenagers. I’m humbled at this honor. I very often feel that there are others who are “more qualified” to do this job than me … but I’m thankful that God believes in me and so does this church. I’m striving to help our teenagers make axis the friendliest place in Goshen on a Wednesday night in order to give kids a clear picture of who God is. Please continue to pray for me, for our adults, and for our teenagers as we try our best to reach kids for Jesus. Here is a brief overview of the past month:

First Time Visitors: 35

Students Involved in Small Groups: 58

Topics Covered in Small Groups: Introduction to the Bible, God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, Being a Child of God, Baptism and the Church.

Kids Going to Momentum: 42

Kids going on Operation Barnabas: 3

Kids involved in the Kentucky Mission Trip: A lot!

Kids serving on Sunday mornings: A lot!

Areas Kids are serving in at axis: The Café, the tech room, greeting, passing out Bibles, playing on the worship team, announcements, leading small groups, taking pictures, working the video camera.

New Adult Leaders: 2

Topics Covered: “The Power of Words”, “Surviving Your Family”, “Labels”

Activities: Steve Fee Concert, Thrift Store Formal

Kids on the “axis text list”: 163

Members on the “axis facebook page”: 81

Average Attendance: 185

Personal Thoughts: I’m excited about what has been happening in axis. There’s definitely an excitement about coming. I believe kids are proud, in a good way, of axis. They invite their friends and I really feel like we are the “friendliest place in Goshen on a Wednesday night.” I feel like we do Wednesdays very well, but trying to keep my eyes open to what we can be doing better.

I’m looking to take students who want to go with me, though, to another level. I’m re-vamping our student leadership program making it more intense, with more demands on service, evangelism, and Bible study. I’m also trying to take students in small groups deep in to the Word of God.

I also want to see students even MORE involved in axis. My goal by the fall is to see axis students TOTALLY planning at least one axis meeting a month.
Please continue to pray with me for our kids and for our impact on them. Here are some specific ways to pray for axis:

1. Pray that we make the MOST of our summer.
2. Pray that we finish the school year STRONG.
3. Pray for Alyssa, Katie, and Kellam as they get ready to leave for a summer mission trip.
4. Pray for the 42 students we have going to Momentum. If you’d like to help support them financially, just write “Momentum” on your giving envelopes.
5. Pray for our axis student leadership team to make an IMPACT at axis.
6. Pray that our adults will have an unnatural ability to connect with teenagers.
7. Pray that I will be a youth pastor who is trusted by, creative with, and effectively reaches teenagers.

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