Friday, May 1, 2009

13.2 miles ... Here I Come!

Getting ready to run the half marathon tomorrow. It's been a cool experience so far and I've learned a lot about myself. It's called a "mini-marathon" but, believe me, there's nothing "mini" about it! I'll be running for over 2 hours! Here are a couple of things I've learned:

- Friends encouraged me to run this. I probably would never have decided to do it on my own. The lesson ... well, Bill Hybels said it a whole lot better than I could: "The nature of human beings is such that we tend not to drift into better behaviors. We usually have to be asked by someone to consider taking it up a level." That has spoken very true in my life.

- The Holy Spirit wants to take me further than I can go. Pastor Jim prayed for me this morning and as we were talking he said that, as he's been training for his marathon, sometimes he'll run and when he's getting tired he'll say to the Holy Spirit: "Is that all you got!" The Holy Spirit gives us strength and takes us further than we think we can go. That's how I put it, but I like Jim's way a whole lot better. :)

- Exercise is sooo good for you. Man, I feel great. I've lost some weight. I have a little spring in my step. I just feel good. I had a doctor's appointment on Monday and my blood pressure is the lowest it's ever been and my heart rate is in the 50's. I love feeling good.

- Exercise takes discipline! There's no easy way around it. You just gotta suck it up and do it ... even when you're tired ... even when you don't want to. There's a reason it's called "sweat."

- It feels good to accomplish a goal. At the beginning of the year I set this as a goal. It feels great to be able to scratch that one off the list.

- Finally, when I was going through my chemotherapy treatments and just feeling awful, I told myself that I would never take my health for granted again. I felt so exhausted and completely wasted! I never really understood how incredible it was to have good health until I didn't have good health. Now I know what it's like and I never want to take my health for granted again. If I can run ... I want to run!

If ya think of it, say a prayer for me as I run tomorrow. I'd appreciate it. And, there will be 40,000 other people there. Pray I'll get to be Jesus to people. Thanks!


  1. proud of you rich! it is a privilege to serve with you.Go get em tiger!


  2. We'll be praying for you Rich! We're so proud of your dedication!
    Keith and Linda


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