Friday, April 24, 2009

Wednesday Wrap Up

Topic: Surviving Your Family
The "Big" Idea: There's hope in the hard times
Student Involvement: We had kids playing on the worship band, greeting, working the cafe, passing out Bibles, taking pictures, and working the lights, computer, and sound equipment.
Attendance: 179 with 3 first time visitors.
Worship Set: One Way, Salvation is Here, and Glory to God.
Fun Stuff: We had the Impossible Shot in the gym, showed a funny video I got from Doug Fields (a voice-over of a cartoon version of David vs. Goliath) and we also used Poll Everywhere again in our lesson.
Bible Verses: Genesis 4:8, Genesis 19:6 - 8, Philippians 4:19
Lesson Review: We spent some time looking at how to get through the difficult times in our family. As much as I know we have kids in our youth ministry who come from great homes, I also know we have kids in our youth ministry who are coming from troubled homes. The "Poll Everywhere" questions revealed that 58% of the ones polled come from divorced homes and 36.5% of the ones polled said that they would describe their homelife as "difficult." I tried to speak hope in to those kids and also give the kids who come from good homes some tools they can use to help friends who may be going through some difficult things in their family. My 4 "offers" of hope were: 1) You're Not Alone. 2) It's Not Your Fault. 3) God Has Not Abandoned You. 4) Take It to God. Our parents were never meant to take the place of God in our life, but they were meant to fulfill a significant role in our lives. Sometimes that role goes unfulfilled which leaves us with some pretty deep longings. I tried to encourage the kids to take those longings to God. Our God knows exactly what we need (Matthew 6:8) and will meet all of our needs through Jesus Christ (Philippians 4:19).
Personal Thoughts: First, our worship band ROCKS! As I was listening to them and worshipping with them, my thoughts were "Our teenagers are so fortunate to have a band that loves to lead worship, that have great hearts, and are really, super good at doing it. I am so thankful for Jeremy and all he does to lead our kids.
Secondly, our kids seemed very distracted both in middle and high school. Lots of talking going on and we seemed to have adults walking around everywhere trying to quiet some students down. I, of course, immediately began to feel self-conscious and had to work through some of my own insecurities (Am I boring them to death?!). Nothing like teenagers to bring out your insecurities! :) Going in to the lesson I knew that this would not apply to every teenager and that it could be hard for some of our kids to stay "focused." But, afterwards I had some kids come up to me and talk about some stuff their going through. I KNOW there were some kids that needed to hear what was said on Wednesday. My own insecurities ... well ... that's my own "stuff" to work through and it's not a teenager's fault that they were creeping up in my mind Wednesday. God always seems to provide opportunities for me to find confidence in Him and NOT in my ability to keep a kid's attention. It's a fine line to walk because, as a speaker, I need to use the various tools in my "belt" to keep our kids' attention and to draw them in to the lesson ... but if they pay attention it doesn't make me a "better" person and if they don't pay attention it doesn't make me "less" of a person. Welcome to the insecurities of Rich Yauger. :) lol

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