Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wednesday Wrap Up

Topic: The Last Week of Jesus' Life
The "Big" Idea: Live your life with urgency.
Student Involvement: We had kids running sound, lighting, and media. We also have kids working in our cafe, greeting at the door, passing out information afterwards, playing on the worship team, and had one student give an announcement about a new prayer group we are trying to start up.
Fun Stuff: A game called "Dude, Where's My Chair" (Thanks Dave N. and the CE National meeting). It's like musical chairs except you blindfold students.
Attendance: 182
Bible Verses: Matthew 23:23 - 24, John 13: 1 - 4, and Luke 23:39 - 43.
Lesson Review: We actually had a guest speaker at axis (Darin Holsopple) and he did a great job of communicating how Jesus lived out the last week of His life. He showed that Jesus was passionate about serving, reaching the lost, and caring about justice, mercy, and faithfulness. He challenged us to live our lives with urgency and WHAT would that look like if we only had a week to live.

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