Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tech Stuff

I've recently come across three things that have really helped me in the "technological" world of youth ministry. Well, two things that have really helped me and one I'm still thinking about.

1. Simply Text. Unless you've been away for like the past few years, texting is definately the best way to make a contact with students. I have over 150 student contacts in my phone and when I used to send out group messages, it was quite the process. I had to create different groups. Each group could only have 10 contacts in it. So, with 16 groups, I'd have to forward the same message to each group. It was a process that would take at least 15 minutes. I recently signed up for Simply Text, though, and really enjoy it. It has made texting (especially group texting) so much easier for me. It allows me to do it right from my computer and sending out group messages is as simple as typing the message and then hitting "send." No more forwarding to a bazillion different groups. Here's a link that will tell you more about it:

2. Xobni. This is a program that downloads directly to Microsoft Outlook. Some how, some way, it keeps track of EVERY email in your outlook folders and, if you ever need to search for an email, you simply type in the person you're looking for, and Xobni brings it right up. It also keeps track of emails sent and how many you have sent to different people. It has a handy "facebook" page too. It's been very helpful. Here's a link for more info:

3. Prezi. This is a "new" way to do presentations. It's much more creative than Power Point and has a ton of really cool ways to bring up notes and pictures, etc. that could be pretty cool to use while I'm teaching. I haven't "officially" used it yet, but I'm doing some research and contemplating beginning to use it. Here's a link:

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