Thursday, April 30, 2009

Good Thoughts

I came across these thoughts on youth ministry on the "More Than Dodgeball" blog I read often. I really enjoyed what he had to say and thought he did a great job explaining youth ministry. Just thought I'd share them here:

-They’re aren’t really any typical weeks - every day is completely different from the last.
- Youth ministry is called on most at both ends of the spectrum - when things are good and when things are really bad.
- We minister in extremes - when marriage is at an extreme, and the kids are about to face their parents’ divorce. When a life is at an extreme, we’re at the emergency room or performing the funeral.
- Youth ministry is focused on essentially an extreme age group - when students are figuring themselves out and parents are at the most challenging point in relating to them.
- Youth ministry is about asking a student to give over total control of their life to Jesus - an absolute extreme.
- We ask students to be baptized, to demonstrate their faith to their friends, family and the world at the time when peer-pressure and image are the most crucial in their life.
- Extreme pressure and expectations - from senior pastors, staff, parents and from yourself.
- Extreme hours, extreme emotions, extreme work. Youth ministry seems to be about pushing everything to the limit.
- So why would anyone want to do it? Seems like a nice, safe, well-paying nine-to-five is more what people look for in life.
Extreme fulfillment. Wouldn’t want to do anything else.

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