Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Embarrassing Moment

If you don't like gross stories, you may want to stop reading now. If you don't mind, well, forgive me for being "open." :)

So, as I've mentioned before, I'm training for a half marathon right now. I'll be running it May 2nd. The thing you don't hear much about when you start running for longer distances is ... well ... nipple chaffing. As Andy from The Office has so wisely said: "I'm terrified of nipple chaffing." When you start to run longer distances, your t-shirt just continues to rub and rub and rub against your nipples. After awhile, the "rubbing" starts to have negative effects. Saturday I ran 9 miles and, well, lets just say my nipples were "raw" by the end of the run and bleeding. Oh my word, it is surprisingly painful! Well, I had Sunday to heal up and thought everything was fine UNTIL I go to the gym Monday afternoon and run on the treadmill (because it was really cold outside). I was wearing a white t-shirt. About 10 minutes in to my run, my nipples started to bleed again and so, here I am, in the middle of a crowded gym, running on a treadmill, with two big, red spots of blood RIGHT over my nipples. I had a choice: STOP because of the embarrassment and just go home OR suck it up and finish the run. I'm happy to say I finished the run, bloody nipples and all ... but walked to the locker room as fast as I could NOT making eye contact with anybody.

The video below is not the greatest quality, but will give you some insight as to what I was going through. :)

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  1. Hey Rich,

    Just stumbled upon this from the link on your FB page -- now your status update on chaffing makes a LOT more sense. :-)

    Anyway, just a thought -- you might want to ask someone at your local sporting good store, or any place nearby that specializes in running gear. I would imagine that this is a fairly common problem and that someone has come up with a solution -- special shirt fabric or some sort of protection.

    I know it sounds funny, but I can just imagine how painful it must be. I would just hope the solution doesn't involve anything with any sort of adhesive -- the phrase that comes to mind is "out of the frying pan and into the fire"... :-) Good luck!


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