Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Book Review: Refuel

Just finished the newest book by Doug Fields called REFUEL. It was a very easy, but also very profound read on how to 1) Stop 2) Be Quiet 3) Make a Connection. The basic premise is that spiritual emptiness is universal even for the people filling up churches. It can happen very quickly. We often don't notice it until it's too late because we were trying to fill that spiritual emptiness with things other than God ... which will ALWASY leave us empty. The book talks about making connections with God throughout the day ... to stop what you're doing, be quiet and allow the Holy Spirit to talk to you, and then make a connection with God somehow either by reading His word, meditating on a Bible verse, or talking with Him. The more we do that throughout the day, the more we'll be purusing God and allowing Him to work in our lives. That will create a desire for more connections and even extended periods of time connecting with God.
I often fall in to a trap of thinking that the more I read the Bible, the better I am. The problem that I've run in to with that is that, many times, I've read the Bible and went for "quantity" and then totally forgot what I read or didn't really spend time thinking and reflecting on it. I am desiring to meditate more on His word ... to focus more on what I'm reading and not be so worried about how many chapters I read. I want to make connections with God every day and allow those connections to be deep, intimate times.
Overall, I really enjoyed the book and thought that it had some really good principles to apply.

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