Friday, March 27, 2009

What I'm Learning About Youth Ministry

I was able to go to a conference at CE National in Winona Lake this weeks for a conference on youth ministry. There were approximately 40 other youth pastors there from around the country and we just spent time talking about youth ministry, sharing ideas ... what has worked ... what hasn't worked ... and really just trying to learn from each other. It was very helpful for me to be a part of something like that.

- I was really challenged in a couple of areas. First, I need to give our kids more ownership of their youth ministry. We have kids involved in virtually EVERY area of axis ... but I think we can do even more than we're doing now. I have to figure out ways to get our kids more involved in THEIR youth ministry.

- I need to invest more in our adult leaders. We have just an incredible group of adults who work with our kids, but I really need to begin investing more in them and providing more opportunities for them as well. I also realize that we desperately need more adults to help and invest in the lives of teenagers.

- I need to invest more in our student leaders. I'm thinking about just totally blowing up our student leadaer ministry and completely revamping it. We have good kids and I need to give them more of myself and provide more opportunities for them.

- I need to provide more opportunities for our kids to begin to dig deeper into the Word of God. I think we are on a good path with this right now, but I want to stay focused on it and really see the kids who want to have the opportunity to dig in to the Bible and know why we believe what we believe.

I'm not sure how this is all going to be fleshed out quite yet, but I know these are some things I need to be doing.

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