Friday, March 27, 2009

Wednesday Wrap Up

Topic: The Power of Words
The "Big" Idea: We have the power to use our words to build up or tear down
Student Involvement: We had kids working the camera, working in the cafe, the tech room, on the worship band, greeting, and helping with all of our sign ups.
Fun Stuff: Impossible Shot in the gym.
Attendance: 203
Bible Verses: Matthew 12:34 - 37
Lesson Review: We spent time looking at 4 "truths" about our words. 1. Words Can Hurt. 2. Words Show What's In Your Heart. 3. We'll Be Held Accountable for Our Words. 4. Our Words Can Make a Difference. We showed a couple of videos. One was a funny "Deep Thoughts from a Shallow Christian" on words. The other was a news cllip on the "Compliment Guys" at Purdue University. I really tried to drive home the idea that there is power behind what we say and we need to use that power to build other people up instead of tearing them down with our words.
Personal Thoughts: We broke up in to small groups (or "3 D Groups ... Dig Deep & Discuss) for the first time this Wednesday. We had been doing small groups on another night, but have decided to move small groups to the last Wednesday of every month. Those in a small group left during the lesson. Those not in a group stayed with me. It was cool to have a smaller group of kids to teach and it seemed to make things more interactive, which is what I'm hoping to have happen on our 3 D Group Wednesdays. I'm also excited about the kids in the 3 D Groups that will be going through our statement of faith. Overall, it was a great night.

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