Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wednesday Wrap Up

Topic: God's Planet, Our Responsibility
The "Big" Idea: The little things can make a big difference.
Attendance: 200
Student Involvement: We had students greeting, working the cafe, working the sound, media, and lights. We also had students playing on the worship team.
Worship Set: Dancing Generation, We Are Free, ... and one more song I'm forgetting at the moment. It was a great worship set and kids were really getting in to it.
Fun Stuff: We used a "drum line" video as a countdown. It was really good. We also played a game to go with our "green" theme called "Green in a Blender." We put a bunch of green foods (green beans, collared greens, green M & M's, green "Peeps", Guacamoli (I'm sure I'm not spelling that correctly), Green taco sauce) all in a blender and them mixed it up. We then had 4 students compete by seeing who could drink their cup of green the fastest. Gross, but fun!
Lesson Review: We started out with a video from a group of teenagers who were so passionate about recycling that they actually had plastic bags BANNED from their town. We also watched video clips from Wall-E, and a clip I found on More Than Dodgeball of kids showing ways to conserve water. I tried to talk briefly between each of the clips and tried, once again, to go media heavy. Our Bible verses were Psalm 24:1, Genesis 1:28, and Genesis 2:15. Again, the idea was that God created this amazing place and entrusted it to us. We have a responsibility to look after it. I then gave 6 little things that can be done that would make a huge difference in caring for our environment and also talked about what we'll be doing as a youth ministry to try to implement some of those "little" things. Overall, I really thought it was a good night with good connections with kids.

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