Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits

- Went to the doctor yesterday for a check up and some tests results. Anyway, as she is talking to me, she asked if I had lost any weight recently. Well, I'm proud to say that I have. Since the beginning of the year I've lost 13 pounds. Woo Hoo! Anyway, I told her that I had lost some weight, but had been trying to do so ... running, watching what I'm eating, etc. So, she asks me to take my shirt off for an exam and when I do she says, "Now I see why you're trying to lose weight. You have a bit of a 'gut'." Yes, thank you doctor for pointing that out. Ahhh, just love bluntness.

- I spent some time with Mercy this morning. Carol was getting ready for work, so I got to do the morning routine with Mercy. It was so nice. Lately, Mercy has been crying ... well, screaming ... when I hold her at night. Her "fussy" time has always been around 7:30pm to 8:00pm. But, I'd hold her and she'd always sorta snap out of it after a bit. Well, lately she hasn't been and she's only been calming down when Carol holds her. So, I've been feeling a bit disappointed about that ... like she hasn't "connected" with me yet. But, this morning ... man, it was great. I just felt like we were really bonding and I just loved every minute of it. It's hard to believe she'll be 3 months old this Thursday!

- Our services Sunday were awesome. We wrapped up the 21 day fast with a worship celebration. We had a time for people to share what God has been doing in there lives. It was so special to hear from people. All of the things people shared were great, but the one that stuck out to me was when a teenage guy shared that his dad is an alcoholic, but is getting help now and with tears just streaming down his face he said, "I feel like I have my dad back." Oh, man, we could have just ended everything right then and there for me.

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