Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Monday

- I got to the office today with "big" plans ... and quickly got distracted by computer problems. It's amazing how quickly things can come up that demand our time ... but are so not worth our time. Sometimes the "coakroaches" are just going to show up and you just have to deal with them. I guess the trick is to not go looking for those things, but to stay focused on the most important things.

- Had lots of rain last week that, once again, made it into our basement. I think I finally figured out where this water is coming in and am hoping to quickly get the problem fixed. But, unfortunately it's too late for our carpet. We'll have to do some renovations downstairs because of the water damage. Yuck! Good life lesson and part of the reason I work with kids ... it's easier to build up a strong kid than it is to repair an adult.

- Just getting over the flu as well. Man, I feel a ton better than I did over the weekend. The problem is the flu kept me from my "long" run as I'm getting ready for the half-marathon. I was supposed to run 8 miles on Saturday, but knew that wasn't going to happen. I might just skip the 8 and go straight to the 9. :)

- Had really good services yesterday: "He Is Wild." Looked at the heart of man's wild side. It was so much fun! We had some competitions for guys and a really funny "wipe out" video. The band also sang "Wanted Dead or Alive" to start the service. It rocked! Over all it was a really good service and I'm sure couples had lots to talk about when they got home.

- I was a part of some really good meetings over the weekend ... when I wasn't in bed sick. First was one for small group leaders and deacons on the difference between "care vs. counsel." We had the head of a counseling center come in and describe how their church differenciates between those who give "care" and those who give "counsel." In short, the "care" role is generally crisis and need management. The "counsel" role is generally longer term, specific, problem managment. There were lots of other details that were just great to hear. I also had an adult youth team meeting. It was a good, good time with our adults. They're awesome! And, finally, met with my teen small group Sunday afternoon. What a great bunch of teenagers!

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