Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday Monday

- I woke up this morning incredibly grateful for my family. I am so blessed to have Carol and Ezra and Mercy. There are times when my heart feels like it's going to explode with joy because they are in my life. I certainly do not deserve to be so blessed ... and yet I am.

- Tomorrow is a big day in Elkhart County. There will be a county wide relief effort and we'll be participating by giving out food to some hurting families. I think Jon Stewart said something along these lines: The auto industry is falling apart. The housing industry is falling apart. Elkhart County decided to combine the two (RV's) ... no wonder it as the highest unemployment rate in the country! I guess sometimes laughter is the best medicine. Anyway, it will be cool to be able to help some people tomorrow. I'll be joining my 5 Star kids and helping them pass out meals at the Concord Mall.

- I had a high school teenager come up to me at church yesterday and let me know that after axis last Wednesday he went to Taco Bell with two other friends. We talked about the end times and one of the friends had just a ton of questions. Long story short, he was able to share the Gospel with him and his friend got saved! Woo Hoo! Something else that's really cool ... it was absolutely pouring down rain yesterday morning ... POURING! That same teenager saw my wife getting out of the car to walk to the church ... ran out in the deluge and helped Carol bring the kids in to the church. Very cool.

- I was getting things ready at our house last night for small group. I had to move our pack-n-play to another room and asked Ezra if he wanted to help. I picked it up, was absolutely doing all of the work, but Ezra was on the other end as happy as could be because he thought he was the one moving it. I thought about that for awhile and came to the conclusion that's often how things work with God. We may feel like ... or even believe ... that we are the ones doing all the work ... but we're not. God is the one in total control and He's doing all the moving. We just have to be willing to be involved in the process.

- Sunday's services were great! Jim continued the "He Is" series and talked on "He Is Visual." He did a great job! I learn a lot from him ... not just from what he talks about but also how he talks about it. He's a good mentor to have.

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