Friday, March 20, 2009

Hard Day

I've been burdened for some kids in our youth ministry this week. One of our key students was diagnosed with a brain tumor on Wednesday. It was a cool opportunity for us as a youth ministry to surround her and pray for her. It was very cool for me to see a ton of students going up to her on their own and just hugging her, praying for her, and just being there for her. But, man, it's tough to see that happen to a young girl.

One of our adult leaders is with her dad right now. He just had a heart attack. We also have another student who has been dealing with a pretty serious sickness for a few months. A student who just lost her mom to cancer. And, some kids who are dealing with heavy issues at home.

You never know what a teenager brings with them every time they enter our ministry's doors. I'm burdened for our kids and have been praying for them today.

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