Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Feed the Children

While Grace was busy handing out boxes of food from Feed the Children at our church, I was busy at the Concord Mall with my 5 Star kids passing out food to hundreds of families! Don't get me wrong, I love my church and would have loved to have been here serving ... but it was nice to be out with kids from the Goshen Middle School, most of whom don't have a relationship with Jesus, and to be serving with them ... teaching them the importance of giving back and helping others and also modeling that for them. I was thankful 5 Star had the opportunity to be involved with this and thankful the Goshen Middle School principle let the kids out of school for a few hours to help. I also thought it was great to see the principle RIGHT THERE with the kids, getting her hands dirty and serving right along side of them. What a great example!

There were 15 semis full of food and other supplies and hundreds and hundreds of cars lines up to receive the help. What a cool day. Awesome to see people from all over Elkhart County team up to help others from all over Elkhart County.

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