Monday, March 2, 2009

Back Home

We made it back from the National Youth Ministries Conference. The trip back was MUCH better than the trip there. Mercy slept a majority of the trip ... which was really nice. All in all, I really enjoyed this year's conference. There was a really good mix of fun, seriousness, and relationship building. One of the things I really appreciate about this conference is their desire to see other youth pastors connect with each other. It's really good to have the opportunity to do that. I'm still processing everything I've learned and am looking forward to implementing many of the things I learned in my Deeper Track. The take-a-way from the last track that I was at is that many youth volunteers get caught up in the "task" of youth ministry and we, as youth pastors, need to provide opportunities for them to simply build relationships with kids. I really want to do that with my team and have some work to do on the best way to provide those opportunities for our volunteers. I have such a great team of men and women who really care about our kids and who sacrifice their time to be with them. I want to do my best in providing opportunities for them to simply "BE" with our kids.

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