Friday, February 13, 2009

Wednesday Wrap Up

Topic: For some of you ... It's Time.

Lesson In a Sentence: Good people don't go to heaven. Forgiven people go to heaven.

Attendance: Don't have exact numbers at the moment, but I'm estimating 180 to 190 with 9 first time visitors.

Student Involvement: We had kids greeting at the doors, working in the tech booth, on the worship team, sharing testimonies, counseling, and working in the cafe.

Fun Stuff: In honor of Valentine's Day, we started things out with a power point game called "Cheesy Pick-up Lines." Lots of fun.

Lesson in More Than a Sentence: This was a difficult lesson for me to teach. We looked at the story in Luke 16:19 - 31 about the "Rich Man and Lazarus." Lazarus goes to heaven and the rich man goes to hell. It was a hard story to talk about because it's basically about a person suffering in hell. I shared that with our kids and then shared the Gospel with them. The whole premise was that it's not good people who go to heaven, but it's forgiven people that go to heaven. The way to be forgiven is through Jesus Christ. I gave an opportunity for kids to respond and we had 16 kids make decisions for Jesus. We had those kids meet with an adult or one of our student leaders to talk and pray and then to give them a follow up tool. We also had those kids write something on our It's Time wall. Wow, what a night!

Personal Thoughts: I felt very, very distracted during middle school. We had kids sitting at tables (an experiment we are trying) and our middle school kids just seemed to be talking quite a bit. While I'm sharing I just felt distracted for about 90% of the time. The last 10% of the time, though, I felt like things calmed down and the Holy Spirit started moving. When I gave an opportunity for kids to respond to the Gospel, we had 16 kids make decisions. All 16 were in middle school. It's interesting because during our high school time, I really felt like God was moving. Man, kids were engaged and paying attention and there really didn't seem like there was any talking going on at all. I saw kids making major eye contact the entire time. I wouldn't have been surprised if the whole room got up and made decisions. But, when given the opportunity, no one in senior high did. I'm still convinced that kids were really challenged and that some did make decisions. It's cool how God works and it's also interesting to try to work through if this was a difference between middle and high school or if there were just kids in high school who were really hardened. Interesting to think about. But, praise God for 16 kids getting saved! Woo Hoo!

Pictures of What Kids Wrote on the It's Time Wall:

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