Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Quiet Time

Yikes, Wednesdays can be busy. Maybe if I were a better organizer or administrator or planner they wouldn't be quite as hectic. Maybe if I could prepare a lesson faster or more efficiently, they wouldn't be quite as hectic. But, the reality is ... they are hectic for me. But, every Wednesday I have a quiet time in the Link (where axis meets). I like to walk in there some time in the afternoon when no one else is around. It's quiet, relaxed, peaceful. I'll sit down on the stage or I'll walk around the room and I pray. Today I just sat on the stage for a few minutes and looked out at the chairs. I was reminded that every chair represents a student ... a student who is trying their hardest to follow God ... or a student who could care less about God. Every chair represents a student who just had a great dinner with their family ... or a student who has just been abused by their family. Every chair represents a student who desires to know God ... or a student who even wonders if God is around.

Today, I was simply reminded of my calling and prayed that we would be able to reach each student no matter where they are at on their spiritual journey. "God, allow us to be a GREAT youth ministry tonight where kids walk in and feel loved and accepted ... they get a clear picture of who you are ... and they simply walk away with a desire to know you more." Amen.

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