Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Monday

- Haven't been able to post for a few days because I was in PA over the weekend. My dad was supposed to go to the hospital on Thursday to have a stent put in his heart. By all accounts, it was to be a pretty routine procedure and he would be "in and out" in no time. Well, as the doctors were getting ready to put the stent in, they discovered that he actually had 4 blocked arteries: one 100%, two 80%, and one 60%. So, they immediately sent him to a hospital near Pittsburgh and decided to do a quadruple by-pass on Friday. Everyone in the family was completely taken off guard by this, especially my mom. So, when my mom called and told me about it, I decided to take a couple of days off and drive to PA to be there for the surgery. My three other brothers and my sister, who lives in Oklahoma, were also able to be there. It was about a 4 hour surgery. All went well and my dad is now recovering in the hospital and should be back home Tuesday or Wednesday.

- It's very sobering to see your dad on life support after the surgery. Brings a lot of stuff "home" for you and reminds you of what's truly important in life. There was one family in the waiting room whose mother had the same surgery, but wasn't doing very well. We had an opportunity to talk with them and just simply try to be an encouragement to them. I'm wondering now how she is doing, but not sure how to find out.

- I did nothing but sit most of the weekend. 7 hours of driving Thursday. 10 hours in the hospital Friday. 10 hours in the hospital Saturday. 7 hours of driving on Sunday. 34 hours of basically sitting over the weekend. So, why am I so tired today?

- Got pulled over on the way to PA. Yikes! Two times in a week. I was driving through OH and had my cruise set at 72mph. I was NOT in the passing lane and was actually between 2 semis ... but the policeman said he clocked me doing 75mph. THANKFULLY he just gave me a warning. Whew! I'm really not this bad of a driver ... or maybe I'm just in denial.

- I knew I was in Western PA when there was no wireless connection at the hospital. I also knew I was in Western PA by hearing the very distinct Pittsburgh accent. Never knew I had that accent growing up. Strangely enough, when I hear it, it has a calming effect on me.

- Common statements you might hear in Western PA:
"Don't feed 'dem duck, dey got disease."
"Yunz watchin' da Stillers 'n at."
"Santanio Holmes went don tawn wit 'dat Super Bowl catch."
"Dese pants make me look like a jag off."

- Ah, yes ... the memories of growing up in Western PA.

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