Saturday, February 28, 2009

Good Stuff So Far

It's "Day 2" at the National Youth Ministries Conference and it's been a very positive and encouraging experience so far. I'm attending a track by Kent Julian on Developing Student Leaders and really enjoying it. We've had great discussions and Kent has had really good insights. The big "take-a-way" from today ... God is responsible for transformation. We are responsible for environment. We also took a "style of leadership" eval today called TEMP. T = Take Charge. E = Enthusiastic. M = Mellow. P = Precise. With a possible 40 points in each category, I scored a 40 on the Mellow part, a 28 on the Enthusiastic part, an 18 on the Precise part, and a 14 on the Take Charge part. I definately wear different hats in ministry and there are times when I need to put each of those different hats on, but my "default" mode is to be pretty mellow. If it weren't so late, I'd go in to more detail about all of this. Maybe when I'm not so tired.
Kay Warren spoke in the main session tonight and God really used her. Just great thoughts on what it means to surrender, be broken, and to be ruined. Being in ministry means I need to be all of those things.

Saw some really funny videos tonight as well. Hope to get those posted soon.

I'm really enjoying the time with Carol and Mercy also. And, Ezra is doing great with Eric & Debbie! Here is a picture of Carol and Mercy.

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