Wednesday, February 11, 2009

2009 axis goals

I wanted to show you our new log (if you haven't figured it out, it's the big thing above this sentence) and also share the goals that I set for axis this year. My desire is to really try to stay focused this year and to keep things simple and, in so doing, see our ministry grow in our 4 key areas. If you're able, please take a second to pray that we'll meet these goals and keep in step with the Holy Spirit's plan for 2009.
  • “Focus, Daniel-son.” Stay focused on the “FAB 4.” Don’t stray to the left or to the right or get caught up in stuff that doesn’t matter. Move forward: Know Serve Involve Impact … only!

    · Watch a passionate, hope-filled, on mission tribe of teenagers take this town by storm and reach their generation for Jesus.

    · See the hearts of our teenagers “bleed” for service.

    · Axis 3.1: Download the latest version of axis online and upload an online community of teenagers interacting with each other.

    · Strap myself in and hold on tight as I watch our teenagers SHAKE the very foundation of their schools by putting them on mission to “Just Do Something” every Thursday in the place where they will spend a majority of their teenage years.

    · Chop off the “talking head” Wednesday nights and incorporate a more interactive, discussion driven style of learning about God.

    · Plug a kid in and turn on small groups/chat groups once a month on Wednesday nights for an opportunity to DIG DEEP and DISCUSS what we believe. Huh … maybe call them “3D” groups. Just came up with that on the spot. J

    · Take over 100 Elkhart County, 4H lovin’ teenagers to Momentum in Pittsburgh, PA. Rock their world!

    · Push the 300 mark by the end of the year.

    · Kick start grade specific activities in the Link twice a month.

    · Get out the War-ship and shoot the enemy out of the sky when we worship.

    · Tangle our kids up in “Big Church.”

    · Teenagers + Caring Adults = The friendliest place in Goshen on a Wednesday night.

    · Hold 3 events for middle school and 3 events for high school ministries. Don’t let them be as boring as the previous sentence.

    · Did I mention “focus?” Focus on what matters most.

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