Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wednesday Wrap Up

Teaching Topic: 2009 Vision for axis.

Lesson in a Sentence: Being a clear picture of who God is will rebel against the "flow."

Attendance: 120 on a sub-zero, wintry night.
Fun Elements: We did the Impossible Shot in the gym (a 3/4 length of the court basketball shot). We also gave away 5 t-shirts with Grace Community's 2009 theme: "It's Time." We finally showed a clip from the French version of American Idol of a human beatbox. This guy was amazing. The video can be found on You Tube at

Student Involvement: We had our kids greeting at the doors, working the cafe, giving away prizes, and our worship was entirely student led.

Understandable Message: I shared the history of axis and how God has allowed us to grow from 8 kids 6 1/2 years ago to 200 kids today. There have been many moves made along the way in axis' history, but our goal of representing God well and being a clear picture of who He is has always remained the same. I sensed some apathy in our youth ministry toward the end of last year and challenged our kids not to lose our focus for reaching people for Jesus. I challenged them to be rebels this year ... but in the sense of actually following the teachings of Jesus. If we truly follow Jesus, we will be rebels! Turn the other cheek, love your enemies, guard your thoughts, sacrifice to help those in needs ... who does that? A majority of people don't and that's why if we follow Jesus, we'll be rebelling against the "flow." I challenged our kids to be on mission at their schools one day a week this year for the entire school year and we're calling it "Rebel Thursdays." 1st Thursday of the month: Thank a worker at the school. 2nd Thursday: Serve your school in some way (pick up trash, take up someone else's tray, etc). 3rd Thursday: Creatively invite someone to axis. 4th Thursday: Ask someone how you can pray for them. We also shared some of the events and trips that we have planned for the year.

Personal Thoughts: I had a difficult time prepping for this Wednesday's axis. I'm on vacation this week and really wanted to focus on being home with my family. I had some trouble getting focused and ready for Wednesday night. But, I shared with our kids that the ONLY thing that would get me away from vacation was to share with them my passion for axis in 2009.

Pictures from the Night:

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