Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Supper Bowl

We are planning on having a Super Bowl party for our high school ministry on 2/1. This is definately "ministry" for me because my Steelers are playing and, believe me, I'll be focused on the game. Won't care if I have kids coming to me with deep, personal problems. They can talk to me after the game. :) lol

Anyway, the NFL has some copyright laws that need to be followed, so if you're thinking about hosting a party at your church or youth ministry, here are some basic guidelines:

1. Churches can legally host Super Bowl parties on their premises.

2. Churches may show the game on whatever size screen they desire.

3. While churches may not charge admission, they may take up a donation to help with the cost of the event.

4. To avoid any copyright infringements, churches my want to call their event something OTHER than Super Bowl party. We are planning on calling ours a Supper Bowl Party ... at least for now.

5. ALL person must cheer for the greatest team ever ... the Pittsburgh Steelers!

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