Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Praying for Business

Elkhart County has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. I believe the national average is around 7% (I could be wrong on that), but Elkhart County is at 14% unemployment right now. Our community has definately been hit hard by the economic problems the country is having. It seems like we are hearing of people in our church who are losing their jobs every week!

We have many business owners in our church. One of the things I really appreciate about Pastor Jim is that he really cares about our people and what is going on in the community right now and is trying to do something about it! So, one of our desires as a staff is to go to all of the business owners in our church and to pray for them throughout the year. We did that today by going to three separate businesses. These are business owners who are generous and who love Jesus and, just on a personal note, have shown generosity to me and my family in various ways throughout the years. So, today, we went to their "turf" and prayed for them. We prayed that God would give them wisdom. We prayed that God would show them favor and bring business to them. One business owner talked about how they "ding" a bell every time they have a sale ... we prayed for a lot of "dings!" It was a very moving time and I am believing God to do great things in these businesses ... God please help our people!

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