Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Blue Crew is the Blue Crew with OR without the shirts

Got this email from Miah today. Thought it was just super cool to see our people in action.

Hey guys,
Got a call a little before 8 from Tony S. asking if I was on my way to work- he asked me to swing by Roxbury Park on Bashor on my way in to help him get a car out. When I arrived, there was Tony, with Jeff V. and Dan J. Chuck H. arrived after I did.
So here’s a lady with her young child in the backseat, stuck in the snow and wondering what to do… and she’s rescued by 4 Grace Community guys and Dan J.

2 things that stick out to me-

- here’s a guy (Tony) who did NOT just drive by like everyone else, but stopped to help.
- the Blue Crew is the Blue Crew with or without the blue shirts on.

Way to go, fellas! You're representing God well!

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